Completing tasks

It can be difficult to get off task at times.  I have learned a lot about myself during this journey.  In the past I could find all kinds of excuses as to why things never got done but back then I had a lot of distractions.  This time now that I am older, I find myself a little more focused.  I do have a lot of things to do until the grand opening but I have started to spread the word a little bit and have gotten a lot of great feedback and compliments.  I do still have a great deal to do and financing this all by myself can be a challenge but I am a determined to let this work.  I am pretty excited and I am glad that you all have chosen to follow my journey.  Until next time.



Developing logos


I have trying to find ways that I could design a logo that will be fitting for the company and also let most know what type of person I am. I think I am going into the right direction with this design after so many mock ups. Why make it over the top I thought. Just let it speak for its self. I already have a main design theme for my website that I love but why not have a main logo that I could use for future branding. Tell me what you guys think.

Giving up fun weekends to work on your dream

This week was a tough week for everyone and I am so glad that it has ended on a good note.  I am sitting here working on my future marketing campaigns and also look at potential new designers to carry their lines on the boutique site.  All of my friends are out partying and enjoying the social life and I have decided to put that side of my life on hold to work on my dream.  I look at it as if I work real hard and make sure that I do this right then I can party hard later.  I am sure a lot of new business owners has the same philosophy as I do. So if you are doing the same thing sitting at home working on or at your company don’t feel bad because I am sure many others are doing the same thing.

How to impress your customer with the package

Today’s project was pretty much researching how orders should be packaged once a customer makes a purchase and now its time to ship out the order. I truly believe that once you impress and you make that sale I want to also make a last impression. I have been researching packing paper, ribbons to use and even the boxes that items should be placed in. I really want to make a lasting impression and gain customer loyalty. What do you guys think? This time around I want to think if everything that I never thought of before. Well any feedback would be great and I truly hope that you are enjoying me writing about my journey.

SEO and the whole scheme of the world wide web

Last night was a pretty exciting day. I have worked so hard to get my company website to be more visible on the search engines and now when some one searches for the name of my boutique it is now listed at the number 1 spot on all search engines(yahoo, bing, etc) Unfortunately on google it has an outdated link for my company product page which I hope will soon correct in its own. I am just so glad that my site has a presence even though I have not even had my grand opening yet. I am learning so much about the grand scheme called marketing. Looking forward to more positive milestones to come.

Trying to decide which products are the best to offer your customers

How do you know what is the best thing or the hottest type of item to offer your customer?  That is the question.  During this journey I am constantly asking this question to myself day after day.  Well to my followers or even those that stop by I could really use the advice.  I know many will say follow your gut which is what I am doing.  This process is the most difficult of all.  I am really putting my taste value out their to the world and what if the world doesn’t like what I have to offer.  I mean designers takes this risk every day.  Well I am just venting to the masses.  I am sure these thoughts are not only shared by me but by any person that wants to go into business for themselves.  Well I guess I will leave you all with this last thought.  Think positive and trust you instincts.