The expenses of a new fashion business

Well the fashion business I can say comes with a lot of expenses but I can say that since I have done this before in my younger life I am better prepared.  I am currently looking for potential office space when the business takes off and it gets to a point that I can’t run the business from the privacy of my own home so I am definitely researching office space.  I just feel that my concept will truly take off and I have so many people that are supporting me.  I am trying to start and run this business without any help of a bank loan or even an investor. My expenses are pretty low but my biggest expense will of course be the inventory.  I hope that my inventory will sell but I also have to have a plan A,B,C, and D on how to get rid of any excess inventory.  I am still pretty excited and soon and very soon I will start to really publicize the boutique website but of course when you have to wait on inventory and then have a great marketing campaign ready well its all a waiting game.  I am still researching the best approach.


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