Trying to decide which products are the best to offer your customers

How do you know what is the best thing or the hottest type of item to offer your customer?  That is the question.  During this journey I am constantly asking this question to myself day after day.  Well to my followers or even those that stop by I could really use the advice.  I know many will say follow your gut which is what I am doing.  This process is the most difficult of all.  I am really putting my taste value out their to the world and what if the world doesn’t like what I have to offer.  I mean designers takes this risk every day.  Well I am just venting to the masses.  I am sure these thoughts are not only shared by me but by any person that wants to go into business for themselves.  Well I guess I will leave you all with this last thought.  Think positive and trust you instincts.



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