Raising Funds for Your Dreams

Well since I have started my dream I am having to come up with ways to raise funds for the business.  I can happily say that I got approved for a kick-start fund raising site in which I can seek out small investors for my business.  It doesn’t launch until June and I am currently  working on my video for the site in which I am very nervous about.  I am also raising funds on eBay as well.  Selling off a lot of personal things that I don’t use or can’t wear anymore.  I can say that my mind has been in overdrive far as this particular task.  I do not want to have to seek out a bank business loan because I would hate to have to worry about paying it back.  If it cause me to start the dream a little later until I can raise the funds then so be it.  I did push my opening date back about 2 or 3 months but as long as I can get things up and ready years end I will be good.  I have learned that you can’t rush dreams because when you do dreams can crash and burn so my advice to anyone out there is to make sure you have everything in place from budgets both business and personal, business expenses, marketing strategies, presentations and what ever else you may need before you start anything.  I am excited to share this experience to the world.  Until next time!!!


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