It’s so easy to get off track

Well being a new business owner I can say it is quite easy to get off track which can result in delays of opening a business. I am so guilty of that and right now I feel horrible about it. My main deterrent is that I still have my full-time job that takes up 8 hours of my day, plus I am a mother of an 8 year old daughter that takes up the rest. I envy all women and men that can manage this so easily. I just got back from a business trip that sidelined me for 2 weeks so I am now trying to regroup and get back on tasks. I am excited that I have a trip to New York coming up next month in which I will be spending time with family and conducting business on behalf of my company so exciting news is coming soon. I can say that writing this blog and sharing this experience with the world has been so helpful and I am always grateful for the comments and encouragement that I am receiving.
Thank you all so much!!
Until the next time 🙂