First Week

Well the first week of the boutique being open was actually pretty good.  Business has been slow but I can say I was not surprised plus January is not a big shopping month plus many are still looking for sales.  So I mainly decided to open in January to really get the word out and build may customer base. I happy to say that  I have almost 300 likes on the boutique Facebook page (yay!!), gotten a few on Pinterest and Twitter so I am still working hard and keeping focused.  I do have a few offers from people wanting to help with the marketing and the social media aspects of the business so I am doing a couple of interviews and feeling those people out.

 I am so glad that I kept down business costs and didn’t take out a loan because I so did not need any extra stress on having to start paying anything back.  I am looking forward to the 2nd week to see how that goes.  I am constantly adding new fashions to the site and I just got a new partnership with a skin care company to start offering their products so pretty excited about that. Running a business is not easy but I am just glad that I did it. 

Until next week
Wish me Luck



Tonight is the night it’s official

Tonight is the night that I have been working on since my quest started last year. I thank you all for following my journey. I have had ups and downs but I feel so blessed all the same. As I continue to blog about the experience of being a business owner I implore you all to help me along the way. Even though I didn’t quite know what I was doing as far as business ownership the first go round this has been an incredible experience on this 2nd attempt. Please go check out my site when you get a chance and feel free to let me know what you think. The official launch is tonight at midnight.

Thank you

Soft Opening

The time is here!!!

We are excited to announce that Black and Grey Boutique will be having its soft opening starting on tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at midnight CST. For our shoppers we will be offering a 15% off coupon. The Soft Opening sale will last right until the Grand Opening on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at midnight. Coupon code that you will need to use at checkout is QK3M47L.

Things are coming together

2014 has been a blessing so far. Black and Grey Boutique is going to open very shortly I am just in the process of adding some really great products to the site before launching. The only thing at this point that I worry about is if everyone will agree on the products that I chose to sell.The hardest part is seeing through other people’s eyes. I have been doing a lot of trend research and I can tell you it is a lot to take in. I want to thank all of you that has followed my journey from start to finish and just continue to wish me all the luck. The website is up so you all can continue to visit. I would do what Beyonce did and just open without telling anyone but I am not as popular or a big superstar like she is (lol). So I will give you all a hint. Black and Grey Boutique will be opening no later than February. So between now and then keep a look out.

Black and Grey Boutique