First Week

Well the first week of the boutique being open was actually pretty good.  Business has been slow but I can say I was not surprised plus January is not a big shopping month plus many are still looking for sales.  So I mainly decided to open in January to really get the word out and build may customer base. I happy to say that  I have almost 300 likes on the boutique Facebook page (yay!!), gotten a few on Pinterest and Twitter so I am still working hard and keeping focused.  I do have a few offers from people wanting to help with the marketing and the social media aspects of the business so I am doing a couple of interviews and feeling those people out.

 I am so glad that I kept down business costs and didn’t take out a loan because I so did not need any extra stress on having to start paying anything back.  I am looking forward to the 2nd week to see how that goes.  I am constantly adding new fashions to the site and I just got a new partnership with a skin care company to start offering their products so pretty excited about that. Running a business is not easy but I am just glad that I did it. 

Until next week
Wish me Luck



2 thoughts on “First Week

  1. That’s great! Sounds like you’ve got things planned out well. You’ve done your homework 😉
    Regarding the likes on Facebook, try keeping high interest by posting pictures- everyone loves pictures! More importantly reach out to the people who have liked your page to help you out. Otherwise best of luck but it sounds like you’ll do great!

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