The First Month

Well the first month of operations has been a great experience. I can tell you that I have learned my strengths an weaknesses. I learned that I needed help. I learned that I am out of the loop as far as this world of social media. I pretty much didn’t have a full clue on how to handle everything.

I decided to hire some extra people to help me. I was so lucky to find this team of like minded people. We had out first team meeting this week and the team got rolling. The Facebook and the Instagram accounts has gotten tremendous following since then and I am so excited that our Facebook page has gotten over 600 likes and we are gaining new followers on our other social media accounts.

The experience thus far has been rewarding and I am truly learning a lot. I am excited to see just how far my dream will go. I think and I know that I did it right this time.

Until next time


End of the 3rd Week

Well week 3 has been an interesting one.  The Boutique Facebook page has reached over 500 likes so the word is slowly but surely getting out.  Sales are still slow due to every major retailer are trying to get rid of winter items and they are having mega sales right now.  My main goal is still to get the name out and draw more visits to the website.  I have also decided that I just can’t do this all by myself so I am bringing on some interns.  I have pretty much formed my team which will consist of 5 people.  The interview process was pretty crazy I got over 100 applicants and had to narrow it down to 5 people.  I am pretty excited with my new team and our goal is to pretty much grow this business.  For any business to be successful the foundation has to be a strong one so I am slowly but surely building that.  I can’t wait for the dream of mine to really take off.  I can only say that I am truly proud of myself.  Even though the profits hasn’t started to roll in yet I know that everything will happen when it is meant to happen.  I set up my company to not stress over what a lot of new businesses stress over so things can only move up from here.

End of the Second Week

Well its the end of the second week and things are going pretty well.  The Social Media Campaign is going pretty good as far as getting the name out.  It has came to the point that I can’t do this all by myself so I am currently interviewing for  interns.  Social Media is a very important part of growing any business and I have soon realized that I need help.  I am still working my full time job so doing social media postings to 8 accounts throughout the day was getting impossible but thank goodness for Hoot Suite because without that platform I would be totally up the creek.    I am doing pretty good as far as gaining fans to my Facebook page I am at over 400 likes so I’m doing pretty good by adding at least 100 fans a week meaning that the word is spreading pretty fast.   I am also starting to get calls from Fashion Bloggers that want to feature the company so I am so excited about that as well.   Sales are still slow but the main important thing for me is exposure and the sales will comes when they are suppose too.  I am so glad that I set up things the way I did and found some great distributors to work with and can I tell you having Dropship accounts are a true blessing (no inventory overhead).  I am glad that I have gains some great followers like yourself that has been following me since the beginning.  I hope that my experience can at least help someone out that has a dream as well…  

Until Next week