Its Been TOO long

It has been a very long time since I have done a blog post and I so aplogize. Life has been a bit crazy since the last time I posted. Black and Grey Boutique is doing well. I am still marketing the branding to get the word out and get the buzz going. Sales I can say are not so good. I shortly realized that you do at times have to pay for great advertising and wow it is expensive. As you may know I did not get business loans for a reason. I did not want to have the stress of having to pay it back. So I am so glad that I did not go down that road. This year I planned ahead that sales may not come over night so my goal was to grow the brand and get the word out to the world then hope that in 2015 the sales will come. Talking to my business advisors I knew to expect this. For 2015 I do have a great deal in the pipeline. I got an exclusive deal with a new designer to showcase her line on our site and we are set to premier during New York Fashion Week in Feburary 2015 so I am so excited. I am also developing an iphone/android app as well so I am real excited about that as well. 2014 is the year of beginning and growth and 2015 will be the year that I hope to see the results of my hard labor. For now go check out my website, and also the boutique facebook page and spread the word.



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