Its Been TOO long

It has been a very long time since I have done a blog post and I so aplogize. Life has been a bit crazy since the last time I posted. Black and Grey Boutique is doing well. I am still marketing the branding to get the word out and get the buzz going. Sales I can say are not so good. I shortly realized that you do at times have to pay for great advertising and wow it is expensive. As you may know I did not get business loans for a reason. I did not want to have the stress of having to pay it back. So I am so glad that I did not go down that road. This year I planned ahead that sales may not come over night so my goal was to grow the brand and get the word out to the world then hope that in 2015 the sales will come. Talking to my business advisors I knew to expect this. For 2015 I do have a great deal in the pipeline. I got an exclusive deal with a new designer to showcase her line on our site and we are set to premier during New York Fashion Week in Feburary 2015 so I am so excited. I am also developing an iphone/android app as well so I am real excited about that as well. 2014 is the year of beginning and growth and 2015 will be the year that I hope to see the results of my hard labor. For now go check out my website, and also the boutique facebook page and spread the word.



Memorial Day!!!

Memorial Day is a special day in which we remember all that has come and gone before us and defended this country. For me this also signify the best shopping ever. The boutique has came long way from the start. We have a great fan following on Facebook (Almost 1500 fans!!!), we are gaining fans on twitter and also on Instagram. My team has been the best ever even with the ups and downs. As far as sales things are still a little slow but the name is slowly but surely getting out there. I knew that the first year of being open is usually the most difficult so I am still continuing on the journey. We got some great stuff on the boutique site so if you want to get some great summer fashions stop by. Come and check us out also on our other social media sites as well for great summer time deals.

Have a great Memorial Day Holiday xoxoxo


The spring is finally coming!!

Yes Spring is finally here for a few of us and I am so excited. I wish we all had some Spring weather but hopefully soon we all will. My boutique is offering so many cute items for the Spring and Summer I can’t help but share these fabulous pieces with all my readers. Come and visit our store site to check these great pieces out. New fashions are added every week and we also got a great sale going on as well. Let’s give Spring a huge and most needed welcome!!!



Fashion Busy

It’s been a busy few months since I last wrote. The business is going great. My team is doing very well and since they have taken over my social media marketing my social media presence has increase ten fold. Sales are still slow due to the need to increase the web traffic to my actual website which we are doing a lot of things to increase web traffic. I can still say that this has been a learning experience and I am still learning. I am so glad that I set my business up in a way that I do not have to worry about paying anyone back or worrying about bank loans when you have things like that over your head I believe the dream can turn into a nightmare. For those of you that are still contemplating starting your own online fashion e-commerce business if you need any advice let me know I will be glad to help you.


The First Month

Well the first month of operations has been a great experience. I can tell you that I have learned my strengths an weaknesses. I learned that I needed help. I learned that I am out of the loop as far as this world of social media. I pretty much didn’t have a full clue on how to handle everything.

I decided to hire some extra people to help me. I was so lucky to find this team of like minded people. We had out first team meeting this week and the team got rolling. The Facebook and the Instagram accounts has gotten tremendous following since then and I am so excited that our Facebook page has gotten over 600 likes and we are gaining new followers on our other social media accounts.

The experience thus far has been rewarding and I am truly learning a lot. I am excited to see just how far my dream will go. I think and I know that I did it right this time.

Until next time

End of the Second Week

Well its the end of the second week and things are going pretty well.  The Social Media Campaign is going pretty good as far as getting the name out.  It has came to the point that I can’t do this all by myself so I am currently interviewing for  interns.  Social Media is a very important part of growing any business and I have soon realized that I need help.  I am still working my full time job so doing social media postings to 8 accounts throughout the day was getting impossible but thank goodness for Hoot Suite because without that platform I would be totally up the creek.    I am doing pretty good as far as gaining fans to my Facebook page I am at over 400 likes so I’m doing pretty good by adding at least 100 fans a week meaning that the word is spreading pretty fast.   I am also starting to get calls from Fashion Bloggers that want to feature the company so I am so excited about that as well.   Sales are still slow but the main important thing for me is exposure and the sales will comes when they are suppose too.  I am so glad that I set up things the way I did and found some great distributors to work with and can I tell you having Dropship accounts are a true blessing (no inventory overhead).  I am glad that I have gains some great followers like yourself that has been following me since the beginning.  I hope that my experience can at least help someone out that has a dream as well…  

Until Next week


Soft Opening

The time is here!!!

We are excited to announce that Black and Grey Boutique will be having its soft opening starting on tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at midnight CST. For our shoppers we will be offering a 15% off coupon. The Soft Opening sale will last right until the Grand Opening on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at midnight. Coupon code that you will need to use at checkout is QK3M47L.