Origin of the Word: Black – Sensational Color

Origin of the Word: Black – Sensational Color.


Giving up fun weekends to work on your dream

This week was a tough week for everyone and I am so glad that it has ended on a good note.  I am sitting here working on my future marketing campaigns and also look at potential new designers to carry their lines on the boutique site.  All of my friends are out partying and enjoying the social life and I have decided to put that side of my life on hold to work on my dream.  I look at it as if I work real hard and make sure that I do this right then I can party hard later.  I am sure a lot of new business owners has the same philosophy as I do. So if you are doing the same thing sitting at home working on or at your company don’t feel bad because I am sure many others are doing the same thing.

How to impress your customer with the package

Today’s project was pretty much researching how orders should be packaged once a customer makes a purchase and now its time to ship out the order. I truly believe that once you impress and you make that sale I want to also make a last impression. I have been researching packing paper, ribbons to use and even the boxes that items should be placed in. I really want to make a lasting impression and gain customer loyalty. What do you guys think? This time around I want to think if everything that I never thought of before. Well any feedback would be great and I truly hope that you are enjoying me writing about my journey.

Trying to get from the start to the finish line

Well can I say that this journey has been true learning experience. I am learning so much each day. My little sister is a fashion designer in New York and she was happy that I have decided to carry a few pieces from her new line here at Black and Grey Boutique. I am trying to make sure that all of my I’s are dotted and my T’s are crossed. I mean trying to decide on things that may be small but can effect in a big way. I want to give my customers a great experience and I know that I may not be a Macy’s or a Amazon.com but we all got to start somewhere and I can say that I can only get better. I am still excited and keeping everyone posted. The grand opening date is coming soon. Can’t wait to share my vision with the world.

Deciding on opening my own fashion boutique site

Well I decided to start my own business a long time ago.  Its been a long time coming. When I was in my 20’s I was very impatient as far as business goes and I took off to Atlanta, GA to live my dream.  Well I had the dream but I had no clue on what I was doing I can say I learned a lot from that experience.  Since then I have tried to start numerous businesses in other areas but it never truly worked out or I still had some learning to do.  Now I feel that I am ready.  I have designed the ecommerce site which I am still testing before I let the whole world know that it exists.  The main reason why I decided to do this blog and just to let the world now my struggle and determination.  I am so determine to do it right this time.  Now I don’t have a whole lot of money nor do I have any investors the site is not Amazon of ecommerce sites but you have to start somewhere.  I have learned so much in my journey and it can only get better.