The First Month

Well the first month of operations has been a great experience. I can tell you that I have learned my strengths an weaknesses. I learned that I needed help. I learned that I am out of the loop as far as this world of social media. I pretty much didn’t have a full clue on how to handle everything.

I decided to hire some extra people to help me. I was so lucky to find this team of like minded people. We had out first team meeting this week and the team got rolling. The Facebook and the Instagram accounts has gotten tremendous following since then and I am so excited that our Facebook page has gotten over 600 likes and we are gaining new followers on our other social media accounts.

The experience thus far has been rewarding and I am truly learning a lot. I am excited to see just how far my dream will go. I think and I know that I did it right this time.

Until next time


End of the 3rd Week

Well week 3 has been an interesting one.  The Boutique Facebook page has reached over 500 likes so the word is slowly but surely getting out.  Sales are still slow due to every major retailer are trying to get rid of winter items and they are having mega sales right now.  My main goal is still to get the name out and draw more visits to the website.  I have also decided that I just can’t do this all by myself so I am bringing on some interns.  I have pretty much formed my team which will consist of 5 people.  The interview process was pretty crazy I got over 100 applicants and had to narrow it down to 5 people.  I am pretty excited with my new team and our goal is to pretty much grow this business.  For any business to be successful the foundation has to be a strong one so I am slowly but surely building that.  I can’t wait for the dream of mine to really take off.  I can only say that I am truly proud of myself.  Even though the profits hasn’t started to roll in yet I know that everything will happen when it is meant to happen.  I set up my company to not stress over what a lot of new businesses stress over so things can only move up from here.

First Week

Well the first week of the boutique being open was actually pretty good.  Business has been slow but I can say I was not surprised plus January is not a big shopping month plus many are still looking for sales.  So I mainly decided to open in January to really get the word out and build may customer base. I happy to say that  I have almost 300 likes on the boutique Facebook page (yay!!), gotten a few on Pinterest and Twitter so I am still working hard and keeping focused.  I do have a few offers from people wanting to help with the marketing and the social media aspects of the business so I am doing a couple of interviews and feeling those people out.

 I am so glad that I kept down business costs and didn’t take out a loan because I so did not need any extra stress on having to start paying anything back.  I am looking forward to the 2nd week to see how that goes.  I am constantly adding new fashions to the site and I just got a new partnership with a skin care company to start offering their products so pretty excited about that. Running a business is not easy but I am just glad that I did it. 

Until next week
Wish me Luck


Update on the dream!!! (New website)(Facebook)(Logo)

Well I decided to totally redo the website.  I learned the hard way when you move from host provider to the next that your domain name can be held hostage.  I can say lesson learned.  It took me almost 2 weeks to rebuild the site from scratch to give the world a better shopping experience and I can say I am so proud of myself because a lot of people pay other companies to do this for them.  If I had the funds I would have done that as well but when you do it yourself you learn a lot.  I created this new site which includes a fantastic shopping cart and a great shopping experience.  I can say that I will get my original domain name back soon but I can say I love my new domain name better. The page is now live so let me know what you all think.  The boutique will have a soft open early 2014 so please check out the website for future updates. You can also check out the Facebook page as well for updates and here is the link.

Here is the link to the new store website page.

I also decided on redoing the logo. I loved the original but the one I came up with one that is more me. I really like it and at the same time I may make some changes to it in the distant future but like I said it has been a journey. I recently read an article on new business owners and it said that working out most of the kinks before you open is a must. New business owners can’t afford to make any mistakes because it is extremely hard to overcome them in the beginning. I still have a few more things to work out as far as inventory management which in the beginning should not be a real problem but god willing if it does become an issue I got to be ready :-). Be sure to check out the website and the Facebook page and feel free to comment and let me know what you all think so far. Like the Facebook page as well and spread the word.

Its been a while

Yes I know it has been a while since my last blog post but I have been working on a lot.  I decided to push back my grand opening to 2014.  I am still learning this business and the process of trying to open a online retail business.  I can say that I am being extra cautious this time around because I can’t take the risk of failure because I didn’t do anything right.  I know everyone makes mistakes but if you have read any previous post I have tried this business before and failed.  Learning about current trends and tracking whats going on at the different fashion weeks around the world I came to the realization that I am not quite ready to launch in 2013 so 2014 here we come.  I am still excited and I have some projects in the works.  I am contemplating on redesigning the website due to the fact that I really want to make a splash but that will mean I will have to start the design of the sight all over again.  I may just work with what I have and once the company start pulling in some revenue and actually make a profit I am redesign it.  What do you guys think?  I could use the advice.  Well enjoy my thoughts and I look forward to also reading your blogs as well.  Until next time


Black and Grey Boutique

Trip to New York

Well I know it has been a while since my last post but I have been doing a lot.  I just got back from New York City and I can say it was an inspirational trip.  I have been to New York a few times before but this trip I really got to experience what New York has to offer.  As far as the business. I got a chance to meet with the designer in which I will probably feature her designs of my site.  The meeting was very productive and she was very enlightening.  I can say that this trip was really a life learning experience and maybe in the future I may make New York City my second home.  As far as the business, things are coming along.  I still have a lot to do and I am still learning.  Until the next time!!

Raising Funds for Your Dreams

Well since I have started my dream I am having to come up with ways to raise funds for the business.  I can happily say that I got approved for a kick-start fund raising site in which I can seek out small investors for my business.  It doesn’t launch until June and I am currently  working on my video for the site in which I am very nervous about.  I am also raising funds on eBay as well.  Selling off a lot of personal things that I don’t use or can’t wear anymore.  I can say that my mind has been in overdrive far as this particular task.  I do not want to have to seek out a bank business loan because I would hate to have to worry about paying it back.  If it cause me to start the dream a little later until I can raise the funds then so be it.  I did push my opening date back about 2 or 3 months but as long as I can get things up and ready years end I will be good.  I have learned that you can’t rush dreams because when you do dreams can crash and burn so my advice to anyone out there is to make sure you have everything in place from budgets both business and personal, business expenses, marketing strategies, presentations and what ever else you may need before you start anything.  I am excited to share this experience to the world.  Until next time!!!